Are you ready to Scavenge?

Scavenge Portland is the newest addition to our already EPIC city. We have taken the traditional scavenger hunt, and added in a mini bar hop, with all the elements Portland has to offer. You can sign up as an individual, group, or customize your own private event. As you go on your journey, you will need to take pictures, find items, and have a wicked awesome time.

How it works!

Are you new to the area, and looking for things to do in Portland, ME?

Do you want to go out, but tired of doing the same thing?

Is there an occasion coming up, and you want to take your friends out?

Our group activities are a great way for wedding parties or bachelor/bachelorettes to experience Portland, Maine. Even grab some of your co-workers for a team building experience in downtown Portland.

Scavenge Portland offers you the opportunity to sign up as a group, and experience something nostalgic. Something where you can meet new people, network, or simply try something new.

How it works:

$3 Deweys has been a gracious host to allow us to meet at their location to start the night.

From there you will be given a scavenger hunt list, itinerary, and put into groups (depending on the # of people)

Right now we will be offering Saturdays and Sundays, with customization options if you reach out to me directly. There will be 2 rounds lasting 45 minutes each, with 30 minutes at a new stop to grab a drink. Be sure to arrive early at the start of the night to find parking, get settled in, and go over the event.

At the end of the night we will meet at a final bar, tally up scores, laugh at our findings, and have a few stories to tell our friends.

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